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The Fuel Matrix System

The Fuel Matrix System (FMS) comprises two breakthrough technologies for deployment in aviation. Both are proprietary and both are patented.

The FMS Fuel Load Optimiser is proven in tests with airlines to enable pilots and flight planners to take into account late changes to flight metrics in good time to reflect them in the accuracy of the final fuel uplift. Although these changes have previously been known, pilots have not been able to use the information in the pre-flight time available to them. Our software provides results in 90 seconds and safety requirements are respected. We have demonstrated the ability to reduce fuel costs by up to $2bn, and CO2 emissions by up to 10m tonnes, across the sector, per year. This is a stand-alone product.

FMS Cabin Load Measurement will enable the actual weight of cabin load to be measured to replace the current use of estimates. This will enable further refinement of fuel uplift calculations. In addition, it will enable airports to restrict the growth of their carbon footprints as they expand to accommodate the huge growth in demand from passengers and airlines. Weight capture for passengers will be automatic and confidential and causes no GDPR or DPA issues - biometric data is already widely used by airlines and airports. Our software will integrate readily with modern self-actuated passenger systems, to further enhance the speed and smoothness of the passengers'​ journeys through an airport. 


Customer Benefits

Benefits for Airlines

  • Significant fuel savings anticipated:

    • FM App up to 1%

    • FM Full System up to an extra 1–3%

  • Resulting reduction of CO2 emissions and associated taxation

  • Direct application to pilot training

  • Big Data harvest & monetisation

    • Analysis and AI application to system

    • Industry benchmarking service

Benefits for Airports

  • Environmentally cleaner airport

    • A step towards carbon-neutrality

  • Enhanced airport services for airlines and passengers

  • Increased profitability

  • Simple integration with existing operations

  • Positive impact on Climate Change


The Fuel Matrix Team


Roy Fuscone

Chairman & CEO

– More than 30 years experience in business development  in start-ups,  corporates, and the public sector.
– Expertise in commercialisation of IP, development of contracts, and business planning.
– Associate Member of the  Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.

Lars Welinder

Non-Executive Director

– Director, EMEA Mango Aviation Partners.
– More than 30 years experience in  entrepreneurial and international businesses; ‘hands-on’ and at board level.
– Brings technical, commercial and financial skills, and is focused on creation of share holder value.

Nick Brasier

Chief Operating Officer

– More than twenty five years experience in marketing technology solutions worldwide through direct channels to market and via channel partners, leading to strong sales growth, and establishment of long term relationships
– Background in mathematics and computer science

Dr Barry Humphreys CBE


- Currently an aviation consultant with over 40 years experience in the air transport industry
- Previously senior manager with UK CAA and Director at Virgin Atlantic Airways
- Formerly Chairman of BATA, the trade body for UK airlines, and Non-Executive Director of NATS
- Has written and lectured extensively on the subject of air transport strategy and regulation

Nigel Burton-White

Chief Technology Officer

– More than twenty five years experience in aviation and automotive industries
– Previously Technology Director at Renewables East, responsible for evaluation of 100+ new technologies for reduction of carbon emissions
– An experienced systems integrator and test/development executive in advanced control systems and software planning

Seb Haigh

Chief Product Officer

– More than twenty years experience in technology start-ups and digital product development
– Has led multiple agile delivery engagements for large international corporates, including UK MoD, Vodafone, Rolls-Royce and the HPE UK Government Frameworks team
– A director of Oxford Accelerator and Oxford AI

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